Sign #2: You Have a “Why”

Recently I started a series of posts on signs that you might be ready to start an art business.  Number one was vision.

Sign # 2 is knowing why you want to have an art business.  

“Making money” seems like the obvious answer, but you should have a stronger reason.  What can you achieve by becoming a professional artist?  Do you envision a higher quality of life?  Are you motivated to share beautiful things with others?  Will it allow you to contribute to a greater good?

It may take some time, but you need to understand what is really driving you to want to make money with your art.

As you think about this, don’t keep the reasons in your head. Instead, WRITE THEM DOWN. This will make the reasons more concrete for you and help you stay motivated to reach your goals.

Stay tuned for more signs that you are ready to start an art business.

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