Five Takeaways from an Art Marketing Roundtable: Social Media Strategies

Last week, another round of Art Marketing Roundtables were held at Gilberti Fine Art in Coraopolis.  These events are a great opportunity for artists to learn about and hear from other artists on a topic related to selling art.    If you couldn’t be there with us, here are five takeaways from the latest sessions on social media strategies.

a Plan.   You should have a plan for your art business and your social media strategy should follow that plan.    There are many platforms and many different ways you can present yourself via social media.  Make sure whatever you’re posting is working toward your goals.

Have a System.  Schedule regular time on your calendar to manage your social media.  You can check your sites quickly on a daily basis, but have at least one solid chunk of time a week where you schedule posts and manage your accounts.    Make a list in advance of the types of content that you want to post.  Consider mapping out a content calendar to guide your messages.

 Share.  When using Facebook, share your business page posts to your personal account.  Encourage comments.  Your posts will be viewed by more people if you consciously do this.  Also, share relevant content from other pages and people who you follow.

Focus.  When starting out, focus on mastering and building one platform before you move on to others.   Maintain profiles on other platforms in case someone is looking for you, but master one platform at a time.

Use them!  Not only in your posts, but for your own use when researching a topic.  When using hashtags, think broad and specific.  You want a mix of both in your post, but don’t overdo it.  Consider posting hashtags in a comment rather than the main post.  I really liked the idea of keeping a list of hashtags that you frequently use.  You won’t have to recreate the wheel every time you go to post.

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