Individual Consultations

Whether you are just getting started or looking to grow your current art business, I can help you with a Personal Consulting Package.   Personal Consulting Packages are $300 per artist and include the following:

A comprehensive review of your business to date.

A written action plan with specific steps recommended to take your business to the next level.

One-on-one meeting to review the plan.*

Weekly Email Check-Ins for three consecutive months after your consultation.  The emails give us a chance to touch base to see where you are in your business, and for you to ask any questions that come up along the way.

A monthly phone call for three consecutive months after your consult.  We will evaluate progress so far, review next steps and answer any questions that you have.

Access to all of my Sell Your Art presentations, lessons and tools for one year following your consultation.

Here’s how it works.

1  Fill out the “Getting Started” Inquiry.  

2.  I will respond within two business days through email to schedule a 15-20 minute phone call where we discuss what you would like to accomplish during our consulting session.

3.  After we’ve agreed to move forward, I will send you an artist questionnaire to help me to learn more about you, your work and your business goals.   You will creturn the completed questionnaire to me along with payment for our upcoming session.   After I receive information and payment, we will set a time for our consultation meeting.  Payment can be made electronically or by check.

4.  I will review all of the information that you have provided to me.

5.  We will have a meeting to review my ideas and recommendations.  This will be done in person when possible* or via teleconference.  You will be provided with a written outline of these recommendations.

6.  I will check in each week with you via email for three months.  This will be an opportunity for you to tell me how things are going and ask any questions that have come up.

7.  We will talk on the phone once a month for three months.  This will be another opportunity for us to review where you are, answer any questions and work on strategy moving forward.

After the three months are up there is no obligation to work with me.  You can continue running with your plan.    Or, if you would like further assistance after the completion of our session, we can continue to work together via email and phone while you use my Sell Your Art program on a monthly basis for $50.

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*Availability for in-person meetings is possible but not guaranteed with a consultation in Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland and occasionally other locations depending upon my schedule.  While I love to meet with artists in person and will do so when my schedule permits, consultations will be done via teleconference when in person meetings are not possible.