“Micro” Consulting Sessions

Take Specific Action in Your Visual Art Business

Artisan Advantage “Micro” consults are short consulting sessions focused on one action that you need to take in your visual art business.

How it works.  

1.  There are specific dates on the Artisan Advantage calendar for Micro Consults.   Each date is devoted to one topic, such as “Writing an Effective Artist Statement.  Click here for the event calendar.   Send me an email at becky@artisan-advantage.com and let me know which date you are interested in scheduling.   I will respond with available time slots and additional information in order to move forward.

2.  Once we set a time, I provide materials for you to prepare along with a Square invoice for convenient payment.  All session are pre-paid.

3.  You return requested materials along with payment to me at least one week prior to our scheduled meeting.

4.  I review the information that you provide and prepare for our session.

5.  We meet to focus on completing a specific action for the Micro session.  If needed, we continue to work via email and phone for a mutually agreed upon amount of time needed to complete the task.

If you have an idea for a Micro Consult that you don’t see on the calendar, let me know at becky@artisan-advantage.com.  I want to know what you need help with in your business!