Get One-on-One Help with Your Visual Art Business!

I love nothing better than working with artists who are eager to grow their businesses.  If this sounds like you, we need to connect!

Also, I am excited to announce some enhancements to my Personal Consulting Package.   The package still includes a review of your art business along with a written plan of recommended actions to take.  I’ve added a follow-up component, including weekly email and monthly phone calls for three consecutive months after your consultation.  I decided to add this component after “piloting” it with a recent client.  She felt that the weekly check-ins were a big part of her being able to push her business forward, so I’ve decided this needs to be a part of the package.

Additionally, any lessons or programs that are included in my Sell Your Art program will be provided to you at no charge.  Some of these tools include:

Finding Your Vision Lesson and Worksheet 

Writing Your Artist Statement and Bio – Lesson and Worksheet

Sell Your Art Overview Video Presentation 

Managing Your Contacts Tool 

Managing Your Prospects Tool 

The Personal Artist Consulting Package including all of the follow-up calls/emails and tools is $300.

I am currently scheduling consultations for January.   There is a limited number of artists I can work with so I encourage you to commit now to doing this for your business in 2018.

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Are You Ready to Start an Art Business? Sign #3

#3 You are Self-Motivated  

The third sign in my “Are You Ready to Start an Art Business?” series is that you are self-motivated.    Taking control,  setting and sticking to a schedule and delegating your own work excites you.  You are able to manage your time and stay on track to complete projects.

If you don’t see yourself as a self-starter, there are steps you can take to become one.  Setting a regular schedule and putting some simple systems into place can be extremely effective at boosting your motivation.    That being said, if you like being told what to do and are not comfortable pushing yourself to get work done on your own, take some time to consider whether you’re up for the task of being your own boss before investing time or money into your venture.

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Sign #2: You Have a “Why”

Recently I started a series of posts on signs that you might be ready to start an art business.  Number one was vision.

Sign # 2 is knowing why you want to have an art business.  

“Making money” seems like the obvious answer, but you should have a stronger reason.  What can you achieve by becoming a professional artist?  Do you envision a higher quality of life?  Are you motivated to share beautiful things with others?  Will it allow you to contribute to a greater good?

It may take some time, but you need to understand what is really driving you to want to make money with your art.

As you think about this, don’t keep the reasons in your head. Instead, WRITE THEM DOWN. This will make the reasons more concrete for you and help you stay motivated to reach your goals.

Stay tuned for more signs that you are ready to start an art business.

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