Get One-on-One Help with Your Visual Art Business!

I love nothing better than working with artists who are eager to grow their businesses.  If this sounds like you, we need to connect!

Also, I am excited to announce some enhancements to my Personal Consulting Package.   The package still includes a review of your art business along with a written plan of recommended actions to take.  I’ve added a follow-up component, including weekly email and monthly phone calls for three consecutive months after your consultation.  I decided to add this component after “piloting” it with a recent client.  She felt that the weekly check-ins were a big part of her being able to push her business forward, so I’ve decided this needs to be a part of the package.

Additionally, any lessons or programs that are included in my Sell Your Art program will be provided to you at no charge.  Some of these tools include:

Finding Your Vision Lesson and Worksheet 

Writing Your Artist Statement and Bio – Lesson and Worksheet

Sell Your Art Overview Video Presentation 

Managing Your Contacts Tool 

Managing Your Prospects Tool 

The Personal Artist Consulting Package including all of the follow-up calls/emails and tools is $300.

I am currently scheduling consultations for January.   There is a limited number of artists I can work with so I encourage you to commit now to doing this for your business in 2018.

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Get Your Artist Statement “Cheat Sheet”

The Artist Round Table Sessions focused on writing an artist statement are over and plans are in the works for the next topic.  If you weren’t able to attend a session this summer,  you can still get a copy of the Artist Statement “Cheat Sheet” used to guide the discussion.  The Cheat Sheet contains tips that can help any visual artist who needs to write an artist statement.  Get your copy here when you sign up for the Artisan Advantage newsletter.

Art Marketing Round Table – Round #1

Today was the first in a series of  Art Marketing Round Table events in the Pittsburgh area.  Full disclosure – we met at a rectangular table…but it worked!  Eleven artists with a wide range of talents came together to learn about and discuss writing an artist statement. Everyone participated and shared thoughts, frustrations, and ideas about writing their statements.

The event was enough of a success that we decided to have a follow-up meeting in a few weeks after everyone takes the time to use what was learned today and work on their statements.    Not only did we benefit from listening to other artist ideas, but some new relationships were formed.

If you missed today’s event, there is a second Round Table scheduled for this Saturday, June 24th.  The event will be the same format that was facilitated today, to give another group of artists an opportunity to learn and grow in this area.

Thanks to Cindy Gilberti at Gilberti Fine Art Studio & Gallery for hosting the event, and thanks to the artists who came and participated fully in the discussion!

To join in the next Round Table, sign-up here.

A Resource for Art Fairs and Festivals

Does your business plan including selling at art fairs and festivals?

If so, you need to join the online community at Art Fair Insiders.  Art Fair Insiders serves art fair artists.

Within this site,  you will find reviews and tips for most major art shows around the country by artists who have participated in them.   There are forums where you can exchange ideas, ask questions and find products for sale that you can use in your business.  In the “Ask the Photographer” section, Larry Berman answer questions about photographing your work – a key component to your art business.  You’ll also find a forum where you can submit photos of your booth for reviews, as well as see examples of other artists’ booths.

If art fairs and festivals are your thing.  Take some time to check it out.

Do you have another resource for art fairs and festivals that you’d like to share?  Please let us know in the comments below.

Would you like to get more tips on building your art business?  If so, please sign up for my free newsletter here.

Photo Credit:  Copyright: serenethos / 123RF Stock Photo

Need to Find More Time? Become a Morning Person.

become a morning person

A question I get asked frequently by artists trying to start or manage a visual art business is, “How will I find the time to do everything I need to do?” I find the single most effective way at finding more time in my day is to get up early.  Here are some great tips from Michael Hyatt on becoming a morning person. 


Calendar This! Creative Ways to use Google Calendars in Your Business


using calendars in your business

Use these ideas to improve your personal and business productivity!

You might remember this slide from Artist Boot Camp when we talked about time management and blocking out your calendar. I found this short video from Christina Hills at Website Creation Workshop on how and why to use multiple Google Calendars for your business. I’ve been using them this way for some time and agree that it is a smart way to organize time and projects.  Here are some ideas for using Google Calendars in your art business.

  • Maintain a specific calendar for time blocking studio and marketing work.
  • Keep a calendar of due dates for entries to exhibits, festivals, etc…
  • Maintain your personal event calendar for workshops, exhibits and other events that you would like to attend, so that you are sure to work them into your schedule.
  • Are you blogging?  Create a specific content calendar to stay on track for what you will post when.  (Yes, I’m taking my own advice for my new blog and website!)
  • Use a Google Calendar for your own events or those that you are a part of that you would like to publish to your fan base.   Embed the calendar to your website or blog. When it is time to make updates or add an event – all you have to do is make the change in your Google calendar, and it will automatically appear on your site. Fans, in return, can directly add them to their calendars.

Send me an email if you have a question on setting up Google Calendars.