Get One-on-One Help with Your Visual Art Business!

I love nothing better than working with artists who are eager to grow their businesses.  If this sounds like you, we need to connect! Also, I am excited to announce some enhancements to my Personal Consulting Package.   The package still includes a review of your art business along with a written plan of recommended actions […]

Saturday Round-Up

In case you missed these, the following is a round-up of articles and items that I shared on social media this week: When Should We Ignore Criticism? by Tanner Christensen.    All criticism is not equal!  As an artist, you need to see out critiques of your work.  On the other hand, there are times when […]

Five Takeaways from an Art Marketing Roundtable: Social Media Strategies

Last week, another round of Art Marketing Roundtables were held at Gilberti Fine Art in Coraopolis.  These events are a great opportunity for artists to learn about and hear from other artists on a topic related to selling art.    If you couldn’t be there with us, here are five takeaways from the latest sessions […]

Art Marketing Round Table – Social Media Strategies

Would you like to learn strategies to use social media to promote your art business? Pittsburgh and surrounding area artists are invited to participate in an Art Marketing Round Table Discussion, hosted by Gilberti Fine Art Studio and Gallery in Coraopolis, PA.   Art marketing consultant Becky Sciullo and artist/gallery owner Cindy Gilberti will lead a discussion focused […]

The Business of Art: Start Smart!

Posted on September 11, 2017 by Rebecca Sciullo. Categories: Uncategorized.

Join me on September 30th for a free workshop at the North Hills Art Center. “The Business of Art:  Start Smart!”   You’re ready to sell your work, but what should you do first? Learn about what it takes to “Start Smart” by setting a good foundation for a successful art business. This class will […]

Get Your Artist Statement “Cheat Sheet”

The Artist Round Table Sessions focused on writing an artist statement are over and plans are in the works for the next topic.  If you weren’t able to attend a session this summer,  you can still get a copy of the Artist Statement “Cheat Sheet” used to guide the discussion.  The Cheat Sheet contains tips […]

Art Marketing Round Table – Round #1

Today was the first in a series of  Art Marketing Round Table events in the Pittsburgh area.  Full disclosure – we met at a rectangular table…but it worked!  Eleven artists with a wide range of talents came together to learn about and discuss writing an artist statement. Everyone participated and shared thoughts, frustrations, and ideas […]

Are You Ready to Start an Art Business? Sign #3

#3 You are Self-Motivated   The third sign in my “Are You Ready to Start an Art Business?” series is that you are self-motivated.    Taking control,  setting and sticking to a schedule and delegating your own work excites you.  You are able to manage your time and stay on track to complete projects. If you don’t […]

Sign #2: You Have a “Why”

Recently I started a series of posts on signs that you might be ready to start an art business.  Number one was vision. Sign # 2 is knowing why you want to have an art business.   “Making money” seems like the obvious answer, but you should have a stronger reason.  What can you achieve by becoming a professional artist?  Do you […]

Are You Ready to Start An Art Business?

Posted on May 22, 2017 by Rebecca Sciullo. Categories: Planning.

Are you thinking of starting an art business?  If you’ve been working at a creative practice and think you want to turn it into a business,  some of the following thoughts may have crossed your mind: Am I ready to sell my work? Is my work good enough to sell? Do I have time to […]